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Vintage guitar in very good condition with hard case.

serial number 904159 made in the USA

Not only does this guitar have two sliding switches for low/high Z and in-/out-of-phase, a threeway toggle select, master volume pot, bass tone pot, treble tone pot, and Decade tone selector, it also has a three-position tone switch. In a fun tradition that goes back to some of those bizarre switch combinations to be found on ’60s German Framus guitars, the available possible functions are dependent on where you have all of these switches set. In other words, there are a couple of switch settings in which not all controls work, but, there are others in which everything does something.

The body is three-piece mahogany with a b/w/b/w-bound, clear-finished carved mahogany cap that’s stained in a “walnut” finish. The neck is three-piece Honduras mahogany with a bound Custom-style inlaid headstock (5-piece split diamond) and a b/w-bound rosewood fingerboard with small pearl block inlays. The fingerboard on the guitar is angled at the body (like on a Mosrite) to match the angled pickup with a partial 22nd fret on the treble side. The LPR has a small elevated pickguard plus a second control panel (with jack) covering the lower bass bout.